Panaracer Agilest - Tubed


This tire perfectly demonstrates the "Panaracer Ratio" with its balance of performance, puncture resistance, and grip while excelling at low rolling resistance.

This model incorporates the newly developed "ZSG AGILE COMPOUND" and "TOUGH & FLEX SUPER BELT" which reduces rolling resistance by 12% and weight by 40g compared to the previous model (Using 700C—25C tires as a control metric).


  • Compound: ZSG Agile Tirelessly working to reduce rolling resistance, to achieve a truly sublime ride, the ZSG AGILE Compound developed for the AGILEST series further reduces rolling resistance by 12% compared to the RACE EVO4 Series.
  • Protection: Tough & Flex Super Belt high puncture resistance, comfort and light weight,this new material combines light weight and puncture resistance beyond the ProTite technology used previously for an even safer and more comfortable ride.
  • Casing: Advanced Extra Alpha Cord