G-Form Terra Knee Pad With RE Zero


Go Next Level with the Terra Knee + Elbow Guards, G-Form's first product using all-new eco-friendly technology; RE ZRO. RE ZRO is G-Form's all-new impact protection that is fully biodegradable* and 100% recyclable**. Terra's RE ZRO pad is pre-curved, thin, flexible, strong, and certified at CE EN1621-1 Level 1 protection. The sleeve features an abrasion-resistant covering, mesh cutouts for breathability, and a wide, silicone gripper to keep the guards in place. The removable RE ZRO pad is hand-washable, while the fabric sleeve is machine-washable. G-Form products powered by RE ZRO are designed with both the rider and the environment in mind, so you can Go Next Level!


  • RE ZRO pad is fully biodegradable* and 100% recyclable**
  • RE ZRO pre-curved pad for an ergonomic fit
  • Compression mesh on the lower interior panel provides both support and airflow
  • Two-piece construction on the interior of the sleeve allows for friction-free, full range of movement
  • Abrasion-resistant covering for increased durability
  • Thin, light, flexible, and strong
  • Wide, silicone-printed top gripper for increased comfort while keeping guard in place
  • CE-certified EN1621-1 Level 1
  • Removable RE ZRO pad is hand-washable, while the fabric sleeve is machine-washable

*RE ZRO pads contain materials that have been independently tested for biodegradability. For information on biodegradability testing visit: www.re-zro.com/material-testing. For more information, please visit www.re-zro.com.