Ryders Eyewear

In the early 80’s, mountain biking was only just emerging as a sport. The bikes were bad, the clothing was worse, and the brakes were terrifying. Over just a few years its popularity grew considerably with a scene developing in Whistler and on Vancouver’s notorious North Shore.

By the mid-80’s, gear was more accessible and the sport was progressing rapidly.

1986 brought about the first ever Canadian Mountain Bike Championships. The competition spanned a few days and finished in Whistler with local boy, Brent Martin, coming out on top.

Shortly after being crowned Canadian Champion, Brent founded RYDERS EYEWEAR.

His goal was simple—provide cyclists of all stripes with high quality, performance-oriented eyewear that they wouldn’t hesitate to use, especially in the most destructive conditions.

But it wasn’t just about eyewear and bikes. He was determined to remain actively entrenched in the
cycling community.

For the past 30 years, RYDERS has stayed true to Brent’s vision.

These deep roots in the Northwest are of vital importance to who we are today. Not only are we still headquartered in North Vancouver, but our overwhelming sense of community—in our backyard and afar—our drive for adventure, and our love for providing like-minded people with hard-working gear are unstoppable forces.