Granite Design

We are Riders…

Launched in April 2017 during Sea Otter Classic. Granite Design main design philosophy is to look at the daily challenges of a travelling riders (Enduro Racer, Adventure Rider, Explorer, Roadtripping Rider, Bikepark Hoppers, etc…) and to produce products that makes the riding and travelling experience easier.

Because we are riders ourselves we didnt stop there, we came out with the strap solution that is strong, cheap, long-lasting and sturdy, the Rockband and Rockband Plus. As it progressed, we started to work on more products that solves the challenges a Traveling Rider faces. Juicy Nipples, Rock ’n’ Roll, Stash Chain tool, Stash Tyre Plugs, Stash Multi-tools, they are all part of it. 

We will be expanding the range with innovative new products so watch this space