Unior Tool Tray for 1963 Work Stands


Tools with verified quality
Unior Hand tools are in compliance with the European and global quality standards. Unior is striving to assure the high quality of hand tools also as a fully authorized CEO (European Tools Committee) member.
Unior was among the first manufacturers of hand tools in Europe to receive ISO 9001 quality certificate. In 1994, the company received ISO 9001 quality certificate for the development, production and marketing of hand tools, sheet metal housing for hand tools and mechanical processing of forging parts.
Unior tools are in compliance with DIN standard. Since 1991, the tools for working at high voltage also proudly hold VDE certificate, issued by VDE Institute- "Pruf und Zertifizierungsinstitut" from Offenbach in Germany.

Product features

  • Tool tray is distinguished by nicely separated opened drawers with additional space for hanging different tools. Tray fits with all the Unior stands.
  • The 1693.3 new tool tray consists out of a strong thin metal plate with two rails and an stylish SOS foam tray.
  • The foam tray is interchangeable, item code 1693.6.
  • The tool tray fits into the new generation of 1693 stands