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Unior Spoke Nipple Shuffler


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Spoke nipple shuffler is the ultimate solution for streamlining the wheel building process. Simply dump your spoke nipples into the spoke nipple shuffler and give it a gentle shake, in no time, the spoke nipples will be perfectly organized and ready for easy pickup using our specialized Nipple insertion tool. Our Spoke Nipple Shuffler is designed to simplify the way of handling spoke nipples, making wheel building faster and more efficient than ever before. With adjustable grid positioning, our spoke nipple shuffler is compatible with a wide range of spoke nipple sizes, providing versatility and convenience for wheel bu

Product features:

  • Made from laser cut tool steel.
  • Compatible with most spoke nipples with a body width ranging from 3.8 mm to 5.5 mm.
  • Adjustable grid positioning
  • Time saving wheel building tool