Funn Desend Lower Headset Bearings


A precision-engineered headset cup.

Machined from aerospace-grade AL6061 and teamed up with angular contact bearings.

The Descend headset guarantees super-smooth control so you can focus on the trail.

Our top and bottom headset pieces are available separately.


Upper Cup EC44/40 EC49/40 ZS44/30 ZS49/30 ZS56/30 ZS56/40 ZS66/40 ZS66/46
Steerer Tube 40mm 40mm 30mm 30mm 30mm 40mm 40mm 46mm
Headtube Size 44mm 49mm 44mm 49mm 56mm 56mm 66mm 66mm
Stack Height 13.4mm 13.4mm 3mm 5.2mm 2.8mm 2.8mm 3.5mm 3.5mm
Weight 56g 60g 40g 60g 66g 66g 90g 100g