Fidlock Hip Double Pack + 450ml Bottle [1]


The HIP BELT double is the new companion for ultimate comfort and functionality on every trail! Whether you're an experienced trail expert or an enthusiastic beginner, the Fidlock HIP BELT double is an essential accessory for anyone looking to fully enjoy the freedom of mountainbiking.

Passionate mountain bikers understand the importance of efficiently organizing their gear while maintaining complete freedom of movement, regardless of the weather.

When you're caught in the rain on the trail, the bag is already prepared. Whether it's a light drizzle or a heavy downpour, thanks to the hermetic sealing of the HERMETIC compartment, your smartphone is 100 % protected against water, mud, and even the finest dust.

Designed for cycling with increased storage needs, the HIP BELT double features a large, compressible storage compartment, as well as crossed, flexible straps for attaching a rain jacket and more. Two additional pockets are provided for storing keys and other small essentials. Furthermore, two TWIST bases are integrated to carry compatible TWIST 450 water bottles, ensuring optimal hydration on longer rides.

The hip belt is, of course, equipped with a magnetic-mechanical FIDLOCK fastener, ensuring quick and easy opening and closing within seconds, even when wearing gloves.


  • One 100 % waterproof main compartment with three self-closing rows of magnets
  • 2x integrated TWIST base for carrying two TWIST bottles 450 (one bottle included
  • Intuitive and practical FIDLOCK buckle on the hip belt
  • Large, compressible storage compartment in the centre
  • Crossed, flexible straps for carrying light garments (e.g. rain jacket)


  • HIP BELT double
  • TWIST bottle 450 (TBL)


  • Magnetic strip: black
  • Pocket: black
  • Strap: black
  • Accents: orange, silver/reflective

Technical Data:

  • Hip cicumference: 76-140 cm
  • Weight: 500 g
  • Volume: 2,5 l