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Fidlock Hermetic Sling Bag


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Magnetic self-sealing bag for the upper body with GOOPER® technology

Whether casually across the chest or practically around the hips: the HERMETIC sling bag fits just as perfectly as it protects against moisture and dust. The patented, automatically sealing closure is 100% tight. If you go on a city trip, jump into a wild adventure, or discover the world on the water with your SUP: The sling bag offers space for the most relevant things that are dear to you.

In addition to a smartphone, important cards, charging cables and car keys are always with you. And the magnetic belt buckle can be easily operated with one hand.


  • Urban or outdoors: keeps your essentials protected
  • Magnetic self-sealing closure
  • Full touch functionality through the case
  • No interference with electronics and cards
  • Integrated FIDLOCK buckle for easy fastening

What is GOOPER Tecnology

Our patented magnetic strips are deceptively simple in look,
yet sophisticated in design, using fully encapsulated neodymium magnets embedded in a variety of polymers.

The technology is based on simple science
when you place two GOOPER magnetic
strips next to each other and let go,
they (click)smack together to create an instant, waterproof seal.