Formed in 1952, Panaracer began manufacturing rubber products for a variety of commercial and consumer applications. Since then, we began to exclusively produce bicycle tires so we could carefully focus on producing the finest tires available today. Panaracer is the last Japanese manufacturer still producing bicycle tires in Japan. We feel that maintaining our domestic production allows us to maintain our quality control at the highest levels.

On staff we have expert R&D engineers constantly researching compounds, tread patterns and casing technology. Additionally, there is an emphasis on cutting-edge CAD tread and profile development. This advanced first stage of tire creation allows us to quickly advance new tire designs and product development. We are also constantly upgrading our molds and bladders, both important tools for producing reliable cutting-edge rubber products.

For the tire production itself, we use only the finest hand-picked raw materials to create our casings and compounds. When those material choices are combined with our patented technology, the final result is the finest tires that you can cycle on for racing, touring, urban and offroad cycling.