was established in 2011 out of necessity - there were just no good long-lasting bleed kits out there.

Jani, the founder, was a sort of "vert rider". High up on a steep and exposed trail in the southeast Alps, brake performance is the last thing you want to worry about. Because of his arm injury, Jani always had trouble braking with his left hand (that's the front brake for us Euro guys). Braking power was essential to his riding so he needed to bleed his brakes regularly.  He was looking for simple, quick solutions and longevity of tools and parts used in bleed kits.

 Many years later at, we do not produce glasses to read the trail.

We produce sharpening tools for your brakes.

It's all about 

  1. the finest, fresh hydraulic oil and 
  2. the absence of air bubbles.

Gold hydraulic oil is the best hydraulic oil in the world for mineral-type brakes. The highest boiling point at 370° Celsius / 700° Fahrenheit is Lab data-backed.

Just a small air bubble in your brakes can ruin your epic Sunday ride. We sure love bubbles in the beer after the ride, but surely not in our brakes. Air is compressible, unlike oil. Compressible air bubbles make your brake lever flimsy.

Because sometimes, you really need to slow down. And you know it!

We try hard, to slow you down in the most precise way. 

We got it. has you covered!