Be-Spoke Coaching is all about providing a supportive environment where riders of all experience levels are welcome. Founded by Audrey, a passionate rider, her mission is to help riders build strength and gain skills to make them feel more comfortable, confident, and empowered on their bikes so they can enjoy riding more.

Audrey specialises in coaching riders, particularly women, to develop their skills to reduce the risk of injury as well as encourage them to take their riding to the next level. She offers programs that combine skill development and bike specific strength training which are designed to fit around your busy life.

You can find Audrey coach around Christchurch and the wider Canterbury region. She offers a range of individual or group coaching options and events. If progressing your skills isn’t on your list at this point, Audrey also believes in the power of community and has created the Spoke Sisters, a riding group providing opportunities for ladies to connect and make new friends during free riding events.

Brands Used:

  • Madison Eyewear
  • G-Form
  • Up
  • Granite