Fyre Lens

The lens that changes everything.

Highly responsive to its surroundings, the FYRE™ lens is in a constant state of reaction, enhancing colours and adapting to light conditions. The result is a vibrant and crystal clear visual experience through a lens that is continuously optimizing for performance. The range from its lightest to darkest state spans an incredible three categories.

As it moves into the sun it boosts the most important tones, accelerating and improving the recognition of specific colours by 20% when compared to the human eye. Its high-quality antiFOG coating is permanently bonded to the lens, never requiring reapplication. As if that’s not enough, the FYRE™ lens is NXT® meaning it’s cast from a proprietary polymer that provides extreme impact resistance and superior optics.

The five most innovative advancements in sports optics, packed into one lens. Developed in partnership with Essilor® Sun Solution™, the RYDERS FYRE™ lens is the only lens of its kind on the planet, with unmatched versatility, fog-resistance and clarity.

  • NXT – Advanced impact protection and superior optics.
  • antiFOG – Military-grade fog-resistance.
  • VARIA – Fast-acting, wide-range photochromic technology.
  • COLOUR BOOST – 20% faster colour recognition.
  • MLV MIRROR – Allows VARIA to perform at its full potential.
Aero Varia Black / Rose-Purple Lens Anti-Fog Silver Mlv

Aero Fyre

$299.99 incl GST

Incline Fyre Black-Red/Yellow-Brown Lens Anti-Fog Gold Mlv

Incline Fyre

$299.99 incl GST

Roam Varia Black-Red / Rose-Purple Lens Anti-Fog Red Mlv

Roam Fyre

$319.99 incl GST

Flyp Varia Black-Gold / Yellow-Brown Lens Anti-Fog Gold Mlv

Flyp Fyre

$299.99 incl GST